Organized. Efficient. Reliable.

Vered Atamleh
Vered Atamleh

Vered Atamleh

Brokerage Assistant (Unlicensed)

Career Background

What led you to your career at Innovative Mortgage Solutions?
After my maternity leave I was seeking to reintegrate into the business field. I easily relate with the values of IMS, so when I saw the open position I was delighted for the opportunity to join the team.

What part of your role speaks most to your personality?
I take pleasure in supporting our clients and ensuring their satisfaction throughout the mortgage process.

Get to Know Vered

If you could be any kind of sandwich, what would you be?
Grilled Cheese sandwich: Mayo, pesto, Swiss cheese and tomato – Warm and comforting!

Favorite TV/movie quote?
“Knowing is better than wondering. Waking is better than sleeping, and even the biggest failure, even the worst, beats the hell out of never trying.” – Grey’s Anatomy (Meredith Grey)