Access equity based on the future value of your home

A refinance plus improvements mortgage offers the following benefits:

  • It allows you to access equity in your home based on the appraised value after your renovations are complete.
  • You are able to renovate your home and factor the cost of renovations into your mortgage.

This type of program varies slightly across lenders, but it is intended for situations where a simple refinance does not provide you with the funds needed to renovate. Similar to a purchase plus improvements, you are responsible for the upfront cost of the renovations. Your lender will reimburse you once the improvements have been inspected.

Refinance and Renovate

Want to learn more about refinance plus improvements mortgages?

Our refinance plus improvements infographic was designed to help you better understand the process. It includes information on:

  • The steps involved in a refinance plus improvements mortgage
  • etc


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