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Purchasing a home with a Mortgage Broker

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Learn more about the innovative approach

The Innovative Approach

Our unique approach to helping families obtain mortgage financing comes from nearly two decades of experience and a LOT of feedback from our clients. A mortgage is a big commitment – that’s why we aim to go beyond securing you a great interest rate by looking at your entire financial picture and making sure we get you into the right product for your needs. We service central Alberta families with local and national mortgage financing. 

Lowest Interest Rate? The Right Mortgage.

A low interest rate can save you thousands, but a low interest rate in the wrong mortgage product can end up costing you much more. Beyond a great rate, there are many other factors when it comes to finding the right mortgage for you: prepayment privileges, portability, and payout penalties are a few examples of additional features you should consider. Our team can help you avoid getting locked into a mortgage that just doesn’t work for you.

Rates Current as of: November 30, 2023
Mortgage TermMortgage Rate
1 Year6.84%
2 Year6.29%
3 Year5.79%
4 Year5.64%
5 Year5.39%
7 Year6.05%
10 Year6.44%

*Please note that rates are subject to change and are on approved credit*

Purchase a Home

Pre-Approval – Find out what you can afford, secure an interest rate for up to 120 days, and gain the benefits of securing a comprehensive pre-approval before you make an offer.

Apply for a Mortgage – Our licensed brokers are ready to help. Start your application now and keep track of your progress through our client portal.

Purchase & Renovate – Turn ‘almost perfect’ into the home of your dreams. A purchase plus improvements mortgage allows you to work the cost of renovations into your mortgage, paying them off over time.

Finance a Rental/Investment Property – Whether you’re a first-time rental buyer or a seasoned investor, we have strategies for you. Start building your investment portfolio and earning passive income.

Make Changes to my Current Mortgage

Renew my Mortgage – Renew with the future in mind. Renewal time is great for evaluating your options, because you won’t pay any fees for breaking your mortgage if another lender offers a better product for you.

Refinance my Mortgage – Put the equity in your home to work for you. Refinancing can be a great option for funding a large purchase, paying off other high-interest debts, or covering unexpected expenses.

Refinance and Renovate – A refinance plus improvements mortgage will allow you to renovate your home now, and access equity based on your homes future value (the appraised value after renovations are complete).

Secure Your Interest Rate

*Please note that rates are subject to change and are on approved credit*