The Innovative Difference is

The Innovative Difference is

Once an Innovative client, always an Innovative client. We built our team and our process in such a way so that we could offer you the very best service not only during your financing process, but through the entire lifetime of your mortgage.

Our BROKER TEAM welcomes you to our business. They meet with you to discuss what you’re looking for and help you collect the documentation you’ll need throughout the process. This helps ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible once you’ve found a home and need to secure financing.

Our UNDERWRITING TEAM has a deep understanding of our lender requirements, and knows exactly how to assemble your application to secure the right mortgage for you. They work closely with our broker team, your lender, and other applicable industry members to make sure all the conditions of your mortgage approval are met.

Our CLIENT CARE TEAM is all about providing value once your mortgage closes. Questions about your mortgage or looking to make a change to your mortgage details? Client care is here to provide answers and help guide you through those changes. They are also always working diligently in the background to find additional opportunities to help you reach your goals.

From initial contact to closing date and beyond, our goal is to help families by delivering an outstanding experience rooted in our 5 core values:

  • Service

    Building the foundation for a committed connection.
    Our founder started Innovative back in 2006 after noticing a serious gap in the level of service offered throughout the industry. We don't always get it right, but we firmly believe that committed connections with our clients are a great start to exemplary service.

  • Excellence

    Strive for the best, then strive for better.
    This value is more about the journey rather than the destination. We're not perfect by any means. But, through continuously seeking feedback on areas for improvement from our clients and industry partners, we are better than we've ever been.

  • Relationships

    Motivated to care, and empowered to rise.
    Relationships are at the core of all that we do. Relationships with our clients, our lenders, our referral partners and other local business owners are the reason we're able to continue doing what we love every single day.

  • Integrity

    The courage to choose what is right, every time.
    Not only is this important from a moral standpoint, it's also been a wise business decision for our team. By not cutting corners or skirting the rules, we may have lost some clients along the way - but we've also gained the trust and repeat business of many others.

  • Teamwork

    Intentionally together.
    Our team and our process were built so that every individual could focus on what they do the very best. The result? A more educational and seamless experience for you.

Innovative Difference

Our Mission

Our story began in 2006 with a single mortgage broker and an old photography desk. Today, we’re proud to say that our home now includes a team of 16 in a beautiful 5800 square foot building in Sherwood Park. Inside our doors, you will find a team that truly cares about what they do and the people they meet. Our common vision includes becoming a part of the story for every family we help, just as these families become a part of our own story.