Security in Submitting your Documents

Why do we need so many documents?

Document requests are a lender requirement. Simply put, this means that your lender will need all the documents we’ve requested to fully approve your mortgage financing.

Our team is here to help you collect the right documents to ensure your approval goes as seamlessly as possible. Our internal underwriting department is trained extensively on our lender requirements and works closely with our brokerage assistants to build the strongest possible application before submitting to a lender.

Options for Submitting your Documents


Finmo is our secure online portal that allows you to submit and keep track of the documents submitted.

Via Email or Fax

Documents can also be sent directly to your broker or brokerage assistant via email, or faxed to our office at 780-401-3125.

In Person

We will make a copy of any documents dropped off in person, and return the original copies to you.

Tips for Document Submission

Provide everything that is asked – if you aren’t sure where to find it, give us a call or email and we can help guide you!

Be sure to not black out or cover any parts – your lender is likely to send those documents back and request the full, unedited copies. This can unnecessarily draw out the process.

Be sure to include all pages – for example, if you are submitting a statement that says page 1 of 6, all 6 pages must be included.

Be aware of the Condition of Financing (COF) date on your conditional approval. Documents require some time to be reviewed and approved by your lender. Sending documents too close to this date does not leave any room for error and can result in missing this important deadline.

Protecting your Information 

  • We are regulated by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) and must follow all requirements set forth by RECA in terms of collecting, storing, and retaining your documents.  
  • We are also bound by applicable provincial and federal legislation: 
  • Information is only shared through relevant parties such as your lender and lawyer, who are also bound by PIPA and PIPEDA. 
  • After your application is complete, we are required to keep all documents secured on file (whether the your financing is fully approved or not). We are still bound by RECA regulations and applicable privacy legislation (PIPA and PIPEDA). 





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