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Greg Robinson

Greg Robinson

Mortgage Broker

Career Background

What led you to your career at Innovative Mortgage Solutions?
I’ve known Mike through the business community for several years and have always admired the Innovative model. My wife and I have also worked with Innovative to get mortgages and were impressed with how organized the Innovative team is. Full disclosure: I wasn’t looking to become a mortgage broker, but when the opportunity came to join the team at Innovative, I jumped at it.

What part of your role speaks most to your personality?
Getting to know families in our community and helping them is very fulfilling to me. Since mortgages can be complicated and even daunting at times, I want to be a resource to help people throughout the life of their mortgage. I am excited to help clients find the best mortgage solutions and save money in the process.

Get to Know Greg

If you could be any kind of sandwich, what would you be?
A clubhouse sandwich, because when it comes to frilly toothpicks – I’m for them!

Favorite TV/movie quote?
“You know we’re sitting on four million pounds of fuel, one nuclear weapon, and a thing with 270,000 parts, built by the low bidder. Makes you feel good, doesn’t it?” – Rock Hound (Steve Buscemi), Armageddon