Working with Robert Payne and the Innovative Team

Once an Innovative client, always an Innovative client. We built our team and our process in such a way so that we could offer you the very best service not only during your financing process, but through the entire lifetime of your mortgage.


Our BROKER TEAM welcomes you to our business. We will meet with you to discuss what you’re looking for and help you collect the documentation you’ll need throughout the process. This helps ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible once you’ve found a home and need to secure financing.


Our UNDERWRITING TEAM has a deep understanding of our lender requirements, and knows exactly how to assemble your application to secure the right mortgage for you. They work closely with our sales team, your lender, and other applicable industry members to make sure all the conditions of your mortgage approval are met.


Our CLIENT CARE TEAM is all about providing value once your mortgage closes. Questions about your mortgage or looking to make a change to your mortgage details? Client care is here to provide answers and help guide you through those changes. They are also always working diligently in the background to find additional opportunities to help you reach your goals.

Our Process

Meet your Broker Team

We will have an initial discussion to help me and my team gain an understanding of what you’re looking for. I'll also take some time to introduce you to my assistant that will help us navigate the process as seamlessly as possible.
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Step 1


Whether you're looking for a pre-approval or you've found a home and want to apply for a mortgage, step two involves collection all of the documents and information we need to move forward.
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Step 2


Our underwriting team is trained extensively on the requirements for each of the lenders we do business with. They understand how to best structure your application and which lender(s) to submit it to based on what type of mortgage product works best for you.
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Step 3

Conditional Approval

Once we submit your application to a lender, they will review your documentation and application details. If the application package meets their requirements, you’ll receive a conditional approval.
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Step 4

All Conditions Satisfied

Congratulations! Once we’ve met the conditions outlined in your approval, your mortgage is ready to be finalized by your lawyer. They will book an appointment with you to sign the final documents and transfer the title of property to your name.
Step 5
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Current Rates as of: December 1, 2023

*Please note that rates are subject to change and are on approved credit*

Mortgage TermMortgage Rate
1 Year6.84%
2 Year6.29%
3 Year5.79%
4 Year5.64%
5 Year5.39%
7 Year6.05%
10 Year6.44%

Used Innovative for initial home purchase, 5 years later i returned for mortgage renewal, always personable, always professional, always innovating.

Brody Brook

Quick to respond and have everything in order. All the right steps and super friendly.

John Kropf

Innovative Mortgage Solutions gave us top notch support in helping us stick handle our way through the process of securing a mortgage with great rates. They understood that the process was new to us and explained everything in a way that made it easier for us. They understood the time pressures and the stress we felt, their continuous and timely communications eased our stress significantly. We are very thankful someone had recommended Innovative Mortgage Solutions to us. We also highly recommend them.

Allan Silver

It was such a pleasure working with IMS. I would recommend my friends work with them.

Chu Luan

We have used Innovative multiple times now and they always handle or needs perfectly. I would highly recommend them.

Dan Match

Excellent morgage broker. Staff was helpful and courteous.

Andrew Kozley

Great customer service, fast and friendly

Brendan Desilets

Got assistance during the entire process. Thank you guys for the Great Hard Work!

Olga B.